Frequently Asked Questions

I want to explicitly import a symbol exported in the package wookie-plugin-export but the package is empty until I run (wookie:load-plugins)?

You can use ASDF to call load-plugins before your system is loaded. To do so, one needs to define a :before perform method that specializes on your system and the prepare operation. One caveat is that because the asd file is read before package is loaded one can't call (wookie:load-plugins) as th epackage wookie doesn't exist, to work around this ASDF comes with symbol-call.

;; An example: System foo
(asdf:defsystem #:foo

(defmethod perform :before ((op asdf:prepare-op)
                            (system (eql (find-system :foo)))
    (asdf/package:symbol-call :wookie 'load-plugins)))

I get errors about SSL while loading Wookie

This can be caused if you don't have OpenSSL installed on your machine or it is installed in a non-standard location.

You can disable loading OpenSSL by doing the following before you Quickload or ASDF load Wookie:

(push :wookie-no-ssl *features*)